Work from Home

The standing desks that you NEED for WFH


COVID has brought us many things, many bad, but some good. It’s completely upended the world in something that really hasn’t been seen before. Regardless of what side of the aisle you may stand on, one thing is for certain: work life will never be the same. The coronavirus has caused a renaissance. A new way to work. A change of pace that shows that you don’t need a cubicle in an office to do the same work you would on your couch. That fancy ping pong tables, kombucha on tap, and free protein bars don’t outweigh a 3pm nap cuddled up with your cat. More people are working from home now more than ever, so why not make our home environment as best as it can possibly be? 

A pain in the back

Standing desks were never really my thing, until the back pain I started having when working from my kitchen table in April of 2020. At the time, we didn’t know how long all of this was going to last, but finally, when I felt the need to go to the chiropractor, I realized that I was in this for the long-haul. And I wasn’t the only one; My chiropractor told me that he saw nearly a 40% increase in patients complaining of back pain than before the pandemic. The cause? Ergonomics. Plain and simple, employees newly working from home were sitting on couches, dining room chairs, or even their beds, and weren’t receiving the back support they were used to using office chairs. 

Sure, you could buy an expensive office chair, but they aren’t cheap and most don’t have the room for it. I was fortunate to have inherited a desk chair from a friend that moved (I love it by the way, you can check it out here), but regardless of the chair you pick, there’s still the problem of slouch. My chiro’s recommendation was a standing desk: a great way to stay elongated throughout the day while still being comfortable. I did some research, asked some friends, and found 3 incredible, price-conscious options to share. 

Stack Em’ Up

The Vivo Adjustable Standing Desk lets you easily convert your existing setup

First up is the Vivo Adjustable Standing Desk ($199 from Amazon). This thing is wonderful if you’re looking for an easy way to transform your current desk into a standing option. By having an adjustable base, you can manually raise it to your desired height by hand, with no electronics or wires needed. It also fits on top of most standard desks, so you don’t have to completely replace your existing workstation. The only downside: it is a tad on the bigger side and may not fit all desks. If you’re like me, and live in a small NYC apartment, this wouldn’t fit on the desk that I was using at the start of the pandemic, so make sure you have your measurements in mind. Side aside, this is a quick and affordable way to have hybrid sitting/standing capabilities, while keeping the desk you already have!

The stand-alone standard in standing desks

Next up, my personal favorite and the desk I bought, the Vari Essential Electric Standing Desk (Normally $500, on sale for $324!)

The Vari is a great budget-friendly choice for any home-bound employees

This is probably what most people envision when considering a standing desk. Quick and easy to raise and lower, a one-touch button allows you to bring the desk to your desired height. This desk fit perfectly in my living room, and was super easy to put together. It came in two packages, which was the only downside to this desk, but since it came together, it has been a match made in heaven. With plenty of space to spread out, this desk fits both of my large monitors, mouse, keyboard, and notebooks, with room to spare. Definitely take advantage of Vari’s current sale on this desk, but if now isn’t the right time, keep an eye out as they have great sales a few times a year. 

A true standing ovation

Last but not least, is one of the best standing desks on the market. Available in wood, laminate, or butcher block material, this is definitely the most high-tech and stylish standing desk that we’re examining today. The Standing Desk V2 from Uplift (available starting at $599, with a whole host of options to customize), is the gold standard available in the consumer market today. 

The perfect nap-from-home companion

In addition to a nearly silent motor for raising and lowering, the Uplift desk features memory save options, so you can pre-set your perfect standing and sitting heights, unique to your preferences. My personal favorite feature of this desk: the available hammock add on. That’s right, you can literally get a hammock to hang and take a nap in, directly below the desk. How incredible is that? The only cons of this desk are the price. While the starting number is around $600, many of the add-ons (such as the build material and the hammock functionality) are extra and add up quickly. However, if you have the budget to splurge on true work-from-home quality, this is the way to do it.

Final Consensus

It doesn’t matter your budget or space available, there’s a solution here for everyone. One thing is for certain, showing love to your back is so important, so make sure you’re making a safe and ergonomic choice in this crazy era we’re getting to live in.  A standing desk can be a great way to make a difference in your work quality, and save you from a trip to the chiropractor. 

Have any other standing desks you like? Let me know! I’d love to check them out.