I thought I’d exclusively burn Le Labo candles until I discovered these…

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In 2006, Fabrice Penot and Eddie Roschi launched a perfume company that bucked all trends. They did this by not having any funding from investors or advertisers which is usually how companies are started in today's industry climate with an emphasis on big name brands like Gucci etc.. The two men behind Le Labo were daring enough to think outside those boundaries as they blended raw ingredients right there at home before your eyes - challenging you not only physically but also mentally because it forces us into thinking deeply about what we use each day without ever realizing its impact.

That said, with all its massive success (and acquisition by Estee Lauder), there are thousands of other fragrance and candle brands out there worth everyone’s attention. I’ve included my favorites below:


Can't decide what scent to take on your next camping trip? Get both modern and nostalgic with CEDAR STACK. A best-seller at Boy Smells, this candle ABSOLUTELY anybody will love! notes of cedar chips lead into deeper resinous floral scents while peppercorn adds a snap in the wooden heart; for fans who want something that is both lighthearted yet deeply mysterious - there it is (the) perfect pick me up from those long days spent hiking through mountains or sitting by campfires chatting about memories old


The Diptyque Baies Candle smells just like an oven-crisped berry compote, with notes of jammy blackcurrant and Bulgarian roses. It comes in two different sizes: clear glass or matte black vessel to fit your mood!


The remote French Alps is home to Mad Et Len, brand that specializes in handmade candles, perfumes and room sprays. The products are all crafted by hand with essential oils from undiluted flowers as well as woods and spices such has violet or mint; each scent contains only natural ingredients for an intense aroma without any chemicals added on top of its purest form.

The Darkwood Candle by Mad Et Len combines notes of amber, musk, and crystallized resin tears for an enchanting fragrance my dinner guests can’t stop talking about.