6 Direct To Consumer Brands founded by Women

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Aishwarya Iyer was tired of the poor quality olive oil her family was using to cook with, so she created a line that is made from fresh ingredients and has no artificial flavors or preservatives. With authentication on every bottle for ultimate traceability, you can now enjoy cooking just like in your favorite restaurant without having any worries about what’s going into them!

Color Camp

Every woman deserves to have their nails done professionally at least once in a while, but with busy schedules it can be hard. Luckily there is now an easy solution: stick on nail polish! Simply apply the Apply-on kit from Color Camp and get samples of different colors or styles that will match your personal tastes without any hassle whatsoever; just remove them when you’re through playing around finding what works best for YOU (and voila!).

Daily Harvest

Founder Rachel Drori was so fed up with the lack of healthy frozen foods at her local grocery store that she decided to start a company and provide people with subscription services. Her plant-based, sustainable food options offer smoothies (including green juice), bowls or lattes along side other breakfast items like oatmealpackets subbed out for grains; quinoa Power oats replaced by steel cut Oats which are whole grain ready in just one hour!


Ghia is the first spirit-free aperitif that invites you to take a break without using any alcohol. Mélanie Masarin spent her childhood summers near the Mediterranean, where she was introduced into this tradition of drinking limoncello -a Sicilian lemon liqueur made with sugar and water or other sweeteners such as honey-, which often starts off bitter but eventually becomes refreshing thanks in part from how it tastes like summertime rituals await on your tongue after every sip taken! The idea behind Ghia’s inception came when watching these old adages being passed down through generations come full circle while also observing what has changed about them over time; one way being whether people prefer stronger drinks now days

Kroma Wellness

The founder of Kroma Wellness, Lisa Odenweller created the 5-Day Reset to help people rewire their brains and reset with superfoods. With an emphasis on long term success rather than brain fog or fasting for quick results; this plan includes OMG Cookie Butter!


Kristin Olszewski, sommelier and founder of Nomadica cans packaging with a multisensory drinking experience that preserves gravitas. The company’s line is designed to be beautifully packaged while still having the same great taste you expect from open bottles - all in an effortless way so your shelf life isn't hindered by excessive postage costs or inefficient transportation methods like ocean cargo ships which can take up two months just to from California to New York City! 

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