I tried the 4 highest-ranked sports bras on Amazon, and gave them each a ranking of my own.


I’m going to be completely honest here: I’m sick and tired of going for a run, and having my ta-tas bouncing all over the place. I think this is a pretty common issue, but never directly addressed. I thought buying the most expensive sports bra at LuLulemon might do the trick, but nope, it was like two cantaloupes in a car trunk going over speed bumps at 45mph. This led me to my journey of trying to find not only the best sports bras, but also the best value, and honestly, I’m pretty happy with my findings. I’m glad too, because I was *thiiiiiis* close to just slapping some duct tape on these puppies and saying f*ck it!  

I searched sports bras on Amazon and filtered by top rated, bought the top 5 (thanks, Amazon Prime!),  and I’m here to give you, yes you, the most honest opinion to make sure your moon balloons have all the support they need. 

#4: NEBBIA Power Your Hero Iconic 535

Color: Peach - Size: Small

Price: $41.99

Amazon Rating: 5/5

My Rating: 3.2/5

I really had high hopes for this one. I thought it looked cute and loved the pink color and support band at the bottom. But unfortunately, the support was mostly at the bottom and not within the bust. While the fit was pretty good, it really showed sweat. After running 2 miles, the boob sweat was real, and could be easily seen. It was a decent bra, but I definitely don’t think it was worth the $42 price tag. I could maybe recommend for bigger-chested ladies, but I just didn’t feel the support I was looking for as a good bra to go for a run in. 

#3: Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Pro Classic Padded Giraffe Bra

Color: White - Size: Small

Price: $89.97

Amazon Rating: 5/5

My Rating: 3.5/5

I wanted to love this bra. I really did. I loved the look, the feel, the fabric, and the support. From a fit and feel standpoint, this was my personal favorite, especially being from Nike. But I just couldn’t justify the price! $90 for a single bra?! There were some cheaper Nike options on Amazon, in terms of color/size combinations, but this was the best option for me that was available. If you have the funds to splurge on a running bra, definitely go for it, but keep reading as I was happy to find some better options that didn’t break the bank. 

#2: J.ING Padded Active Crop Top

Color: Light Coral - Size: Medium

Price: $24.99

Amazon Rating: 4.7/5

My Rating: 4.2/5

Without a doubt, this one was the best bang-for-the-buck, but as you can probably tell, isn’t REALLY a true sports bra. I decided to experiment with the padded crop top as I hadn’t tried one before, and was pleasantly surprised! It came highly rated, I loved the color, and the fit was surprisingly supportive. I did get a little warm on my run, just because this top covers more than a standard sports bra does, but was quite absorptive of the sweaty mess that happens when I workout. This was easily machine washable, and honestly, I decided that I’m keeping it. It’s perfect for yoga, and makes a great addition to matching leggings!

#1: Under Armour Mid-Crossback Sports Bra

Color: Jet Gray- Size: Medium

Price: $26.99

Amazon Rating: 4.9/5

My Rating: 5/5

This is it, folks. This is the one. Affordable, supportive, stylish, and comfortable. I’ve always been a fan of Under Armour so maybe I was a little biased in giving this one a try, but in my honest opinion, this was the best feel and the best value. The moisture-wicking material kept me dry throughout my whole workout, so much so that I felt comfortable getting a juice before I got home. I didn’t feel like I was bouncing around the whole time, but rather well-supported to jog without feeling awkward through the park. The reviews on the Amazon listing speak for themselves, and the multitude of colors and sizes to choose from are truly unmatched. If you’re looking for a great value and overall stellar bra, this is the one for you. 

Want me to review more products? Let me know what to try next