4,000+ People are Raving about Solawave. Find Out if I am Too.

You know those products that have thousands of 5-star reviews? The ones where you question if they could possibly be real and if the product is actually that great?

Well, I'm certainly skeptical of these. I was in the market for a skincare device to treat my puffiness, dark circles, fine line, and complexion. Ideally, I wanted just one device that would be an easy routine, rather than have different serums and products for each. That's when a friend recommended I try Solawave.

Naturally, I had to do some research before buying it, and that's when I saw the 4,000+ 5-star reviews...

I'll save you time and share some of them below:

Get Glowing Skin

"I'm 65 and not expecting my wrinkles to vanish, but using the Radiant Wand from Solawave has really impressed me. My skin is glowing, my face is less puffy, and I've seen a real result in my own frown lines and forehead wrinkles. It also feels just lovely. I'm a solawaver for life." - Sue, 65

Bring the Spa to your Home

"As a mom of two with zero free time, it's like a wonderful 12 minute mini spa treatment right at home." - Nicole, 37

"The wand was easy to use and felt soothing on my skin. The massage vibration and heated pad on the wand made it feel like a spa facial. I wasn’t as concerned with wrinkles being removed but as I have aged I noticed my face feeling droopy. I felt the massage and wand red light therapy reshape my face. I felt like I was able to see myself again."

Must Add to Your Skincare Routine

"I am obsessed with my Solawave red light wand. It has made my skin tighter, brighter, smoother, and glowier. My makeup looks better since starting to use my wand since my skin is in such good shape. It's so easy to add to your routine, I do it while weatching tv. Also love their moisturizer and hyaluronic serum! Must add to your skincare roune!" - Kate, 33

Works Better Than "Real Work"

"My kids and my friends have asked me what I've been doing and I'm not shy to tell them it's SOLAWAVE. My pores have closed, my skin looks fresher, it looks clearer. I don't have the blotchiness. Some of the fine wrinkles are gone. I'm not gonna get rid of all my wrinkles. I'm 71 years old, I need to have some. But everytime I use this, my friends say, "Have you gotten work done?" No, I haven't. But I have been using SOLAWAVE."

My Opinion?

After reading these reviews, and seeing that Solawave has a 30-day return policy if I didn't like the device, I decided to give it a try. My product arrived a few short days after I ordered it, and WOW! I love it! The wand is SO easy (and fun) to use! And it really worked for me - my friends commented that the circles under my eyes looked less dark and puffy, and my skin had an overall more even complexion. I've even found that all of my serums and creams I use outside of Solawave absorb into my skin way better, so I'm even saving money by having to use less product in general.

To the reviewers that said it felt like a spa treatment at home - I couldn't agree more. I can have a luxurious mini facial in the comfort of my own home anytime I want, and know I'll get great results as well. I bought one for my mom as well after she commented how great my skin looks, and I can't wait to hear about her results!

You can buy the Solawave for $159, or add the renewing serum for a total of $189 (I'm obsessed with the serum - would highly recommend). Plus, you can use code VIP20 for 20% off your purchase!

So, what are you waiting for to join the (sola)wave?!

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